Committed to fixing problems with any garage door torsion spring in White Rock quickly, our techs can help you today. Call us whether your torsion spring is broken or has become too noisy. There is a handful of repairs we can do to enable it to perform well for a long time. But then again, springs snap. And when they do, we come quickly to replace them. Trust that our techs at White Rock Garage Door Repair are all trained, insured, and properly equipped. No matter which spring repair we do, we do it with the right gear and all precautions taken. Call us today.

Garage Door Torsion Spring White Rock

We will replace your garage door torsion spring in a jiffy

Broken spring? Contact us now. Whether you own one torsion spring, multiple ones, or extension springs, they should be replaced quickly when they break. The door won’t open without them. That’s one of the reasons why our company responds quickly and is prepared to replace any spring. And then again, it’s a matter of your safety. It’s hardly safe to fix up spring trouble alone. Even when they are broken, springs are tensed.

Our techs are experienced with torsion spring replacement

Our qualified techs have been offering garage door torsion spring replacement for a long time. If you want to replace the snapped torsion spring in White Rock, British Columbia, get in touch with our local pros. We have the experience but also the gear to do the job correctly. Not only will our tech come quickly but also take all necessary precautions to ensure the service is done right and safely. We can replace any spring and offer any requested service.

Call us for any torsion spring repair

  •          Oil tempered torsion spring replacement
  •          Clopay spring repair
  •         Wayne Dalton torsion spring service
  •          Lubrication
  •          Galvanized torsion spring adjustment

We are at your service to replace torsion springs quickly. But our techs are also here to do any torsion spring repair needed. Repairs would include adding or releasing tension and making the adjustments needed so that the springs will have the force to balance the door. We also lubricate springs to protect them from humidity and prepare them for winter. Our techs won’t only replace the spring, but also its parts – like the shaft or brackets.

Call us to take care of your White Rock garage door torsion spring repair requests today.