The spring system is very important, but the tensed coils can also cause accidents if their energy is suddenly released. That’s why our company offers emergency and routine garage door springs repair White Rock services. Equipped with the right tools and trained to service and replace both spring types, our technicians can take care of any concern but also lubricate and maintain your spring system. At White Rock Garage Door Repair, we deal with spring issues as fast as possible and offer same day services.

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Want broken garage door spring replacement in White Rock, British Columbia, today? Rely on the fast assistance of our company. Our technicians bring the new spring along and remove the old one with great attention. Such parts are highly tensed and might cause accidents. They are connected with the cables, which are also tensed, and have several more parts. Every spring part must be free of rust and well-secured. The coils must be flexible and well-greased. Rest assured that our technicians install new torsion oil tempered and galvanized springs, but also extension springs for either sectional or one-piece doors with huge attention.

Garage Door Springs Repair White Rock

We also replace their parts should they are damaged or rusty. The job is always done quickly since we carry several garage door spring repair parts with us in order to replace the cones or bearings. When we install new springs, we always make sure they are properly connected with the cables and are sufficiently tensed. This is of the essence because spring energy is what makes doors move. But you will also need our help once or twice a year since springs must also be adjusted. Since they lose tension every time they work, they need adjustments. So we come to add tension and balance the door and will do any other torsion spring repair work required.

Whenever you are in need of timely garage door springs repair in White Rock, don’t hesitate to ask our help. We don’t only respond quickly, but also make sure the job is done properly. Call us today for any spring service.